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Derrick Rose Goes M.I.A.


It’s been a very strange and stressful Monday night for the New York Knicks. While the team was getting blown out by the New Orleans Pelicans, the search for star point guard Derrick Rose was in full swing.

Rose was not expected to miss any playing time tonight, but when he failed to show up to the game at all (with no prior warning) it caused massive panic within the Knicks organization. Reports are swirling around the league about a recent fallout with head coach Jeff Hornacek, after Friday's loss to the Pacers.

Whether or not the fallout had anything to do with his disappearance is uncertain, but according to Frank Isola via Twitter, he actually in his hometown of Chicago right now.

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Nobody within the Knicks organization is giving any more information as to what exactly is going on, so we can only speculate what he was doing there, and why he completely skipped his team's game without so much as a phone call.

One thing is looking clear though... this may be Rose’s last season in New York City.


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