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Derrick Rose Admits He's Suffering From Yet Another Leg Injury


If you thought there was more to the "Derrick Rose leave of absence" story, you would be absoluetly correct.

At first, nothing indicated that Rose's injury was anything too serious. Considering how much the Cleveland point guard has already been out with injury over the course of his career, it was completely understandable why he'd need time to sort things out.

But what we didn't know was just how serious his latest ankle troubles are. No doubt, the seriousness of the issue puts Rose's decision into a new perspective. In a chat with the media, the former MVP revealed that he's dealing with a bone spur in his left ankle, and it could require surgery. According to sources, Rose had the spur before joining the Cavs and has been causing him pain ever since. Obviously, the Bone Spur just adds another hurdle for Derrick to deal with, one that he was (perhaps) trying to ignore.

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But, for now, Rose said his top priority is to attack his rehab and work his way back into the lineup.

"I got to go through rehab with trying to get my ankle right," Rose said. "I got a bone spur that I didn't tell anybody [about], but I was just trying to process all that myself."

"It's all about first getting the area to calm down and then strengthening your leg back up again," Rose said. "So, afterwards, we may have to have a procedure. But who knows?"

It seems to be one challenge after another for the Chicago-native point guard. Regardless, all he cares about right now is getting on the floor again, even going so far as saying "Man, I don't care about -- not to be rude -- I don't care about no f---ing money."

Fair enough, but what's next? While the basketball world awaits his return, we at least know this: his Cavs teammates, and the NBA family, will be rooting for him to come back stronger than ever.