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Denzel Valentine's Summer League Shoes Are Barely Shoes To Begin With


Off-court fashion is a big part of basketball culture, and one of the most important aspects of an outfit is the footwear. You rarely see players stray from the norm with shoes like they have with the rest of their outfits, but not Denzel Valentine of the Chicago Bulls.

During the third quarter of the quarter-final match between the Portland Trail Blazers and San Antonio Spurs, the Chicago Bulls shooting guard sat down with Marc Kestecher and Fran Fraschilla for an interview.

Of course, the topic of questions eventually turned to Valentine's interesting choice of footwear.

And as you'd expect, once the broadcast got a shot of the shoes, Twitter went in.

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They look like socks with a sole stitched on to me.

I guess high-end fashion is moving quicker than I can keep up. What do you call these things? 'Snocks?'

And if you were interested for some reason in purchasing a pair of these bad boys, they go for a hefty price.

These shoes will set you back a cool $630, and to make matters worse, the things aren't even in stock at the moment.

But when you're earning as much money as an NBA player, I guess you can afford to splurge on some stupid purchases.