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DeMarcus Cousins On Loyalty To Kings: "I Was A Fool"


Loyalty is defined as giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution.

In the pro-sports world, loyalty is, sadly, becoming rarer with each passing year. Nowadays, stars have no problems leaving their teams for greener pastures, teams have no problems trading their big stars, and fans find no issue in turning on their franchise players when they fail to live up to expectations. It's a cruel, cruel world out there, and sometimes people have to learn that the hard way.

For DeMarcus Cousins, he accepted that reality when the Sacramento Kings sent him off to New Orleans. Yes, the deal gave DeMarcus a fresh scene, with an improved roster. Yes, it was probably best for both the Kings and Demarcus to move on.

Nevertheless, DeMarcus showed loyalty to the Kings, even though they probably didn't deserve an ounce of it. Worse still, they never showed any loyalty back.

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In an interview with ESPN, Boogie talks about why staying in Sacramento was his biggest regret:

"My biggest regret is why didn't I leave when I had the chance," Cousins said. "I had the chance, but I fought it ... I should've left when I had the chance because they told me what would happen--"I wanted to give it a chance," he continued. "My representatives, they told me I shouldn't stay. But, you know, I guess being stubborn or 'loyal,' I wanted to make things work."

You have to give Cousins credit for at least trying to make things work down in Sac-town. And despite what many think, he was probably not the reason for the team's dysfunction.


Of course, that chapter is now closed for DeMarcus, as he focuses on his new season with the Pels. While still unsure how they fit in with the rest of the West, the All-Star Center will no doubt have the best opportunity of his career to make something special happen. Only time will tell if things will work out, or whether he'll do what he never did with the Kings.