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DeMar DeRozan Reveals Who He Thinks Should Be The MVP This Year


As April draws closer, the chatter for season award winners become much louder. regarding this year's NBA MVP race, not everyone shares the same idea as to who should win it. For Toronto superstar DeMar DeRozan, though, he knows exactly who this season's MVP is, and he wasn't very shy in proclaiming it (via ESPN's Tim MacMahon):

"He earned it," DeRozan said of fellow shooting guard, James Harden. "The things that he's been doing all year are incredible. I think he's a lock for it. He deserves it."

DeRozan said Harden "should have been MVP last year," when The Beard was second in the voting behind Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook.

"I knew him when he didn't have a lick of hair on his face. It just came about, man. We've grown. We talk about it a lot, to where we never thought we'd be in a position that we are today. To be able to have that type of conversation with a guy that you grew up with, that you went through every stage with, it's definitely crazy to see.

"He was always nice. He was always nice, but none of us thought we would be where we are today. We would be lying to you if we told you we knew we would be who we are today. But like I said, to be 28 years old and be able to talk about the things we've accomplished, that's the most incredible thing."

Putting up a stellar 30.9 points, 8.9 assists, and 5.2 rebounds for the season, James Harden has been one of the NBA's biggest stars this year while helping the Rockets post the league's best record so far this season.

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Harden, who was named an Al-Star this year for the sixth time in his career, has finished in the top three in MVP voting in three of the past four seasons. Will this finally be the year he gets to finish first?