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DeAndre Jordan On If He Feels Wanted By The Clippers: "I Don't Know."


The Los Angeles Clippers have never been particularly known for having a clue as to what they're doing. Whether they're loaded up with stars or are scrambling to find just one, the L.A. Clippers have never been a truly relevant NBA franchise.

This season, that assessment seems to be an understatement, as the Clips find themselves facing all sorts of questions after trading away their best player for some rather un-extraordinary role-players. Caught in the middle of it all is, ironically and quite unfairly, DeAndre Jordan. Given a chance to leave a few summer back, he elected to stay at the last second after Chris Paul and Blake Griffin practically begged him not to go anywhere.

Interestingly enough, both Griffin and Paul are no longer wearing Clippers jerseys, while poor DeAndre is stuck trying to make sense of the mess. It's gotten to the point where D.J. is even questioning whether or not he's wanted in the city, and it's a rather fair concern. After all, they traded away Blake (the team's most valuable player) for minimal assets, all while having his name in the trade market all month long.

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Did the Clippers not find the deal they were looking for... is the market for old-school defensive style Centers dried up? Or, maybe, is the team actually trying to keep him around for a little bit?

Considering all that's happened of late, the former seems much more likely. Regardless, we won't have our answer until the summertime. Like other big stars, DeAndre can become a free-agent in July, meaning his ticket out of L.A. could be just a few months away.

Depending on the Clippers' efforts to bring him back, we'll see just how much they they want to keep him around. Still, something tells me we already know the answer...