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DeAndre Jordan: Chris Bosh ‘Should Come to the Los Angeles Clippers’

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Miami Heat and Pat Riley may be done with Chris Bosh, but DeAndre Jordan would like to see him wearing Clippers jersey.

"I love Chris Bosh, he's a native Texan," Jordan said. "I wish him well. I hope that he gets healthy soon."

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It could be great to see him again on the court, and I really want to watch him with any team except Miami Heat.

Unfortunately, per RealGM Miami Heat will delay Chris Bosh's waiver until the playoff deadline to ensure that he will not be eligible to play in the offseason for any team that will sign him. Heat is reportedly finding a solution to waive Bosh with financial certainty.

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He is already 32 years old, past his prime. He is coming off two consecutive years where he has missed half the season. Even if Bosh does step on the court again he will never be himself again. Would you risk your life for two years of playing unfamiliar basketball?

What now for Chris Bosh?