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David Blatt Goes Savage Mode, Publicly Trolls The Cavs


Let's face it, everyone has held a grudge or two at some point in their lives.

For former Cavs head coach David Blatt, while he may not necessarily be holding a "grudge," he definitely had a little fun at their expense. For those that don't know, Blatt was the coach of the team during the early years of the Kyrie, LeBron, and Love big-three trio, before eventually being fired in favor of Tyronn Lue.

While the firing wasn't the dumbest move in the world, it definitely earned its fair share of criticism. Blatt himself, of course, has continually stayed quiet, and has virtually removed himself from the NBA landscape. He's coaching out in Europe now.

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Last night, however, he made sure to dedicate some time to take a pretty harsh shot at his former ball-club after they gave up 148 points in a loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

"I hope we don’t give up as many points as the Cavs did last night."

Yikes. You know it's bad when a fella over in Europe is taking shots at you. Then again, maybe he's just a little grumpy about the past. Regardless, with all this chaos surrounding the Cleveland locker room, one has to wonder how it will all end.

Will it conclude in a hail storm of smoke and fire, or will it finish with the Cavs once again raising the trophy in June?

As the seasons end draws closer, that's the question everyone will be looking to answer... David Blatt included.