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Damian Lillard Hits Back At ESPN Writer's Comparison On Twitter


With the birth of social media, both pro athletes and sports writers have a large audience to say almost whatever they want to, and when thing's get a little heated, you can expect things to go viral, just like what happened between Portland point guard Damian Lillard and ESPN writer Tom Haberstroh recently.

As we all know, Lillard is among some of the best backcourt players in the league, improving his offensive game year after year, but with all the guard talent ahead of him in the Western Conference, he has been snubbed more often than not in All-Star voting and All-NBA team voting.

Getting fed up with this, as well as some of the criticism he continually faces, Lillard responded to a seemingly innocent comparison from Haberstroh, saying Kyrie Irving is more like Dame than Kobe Bryant.

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This is what Lillard had to say:

Dame didn't take the comparision lightly, that's for sure.

I'm gonna chalk this up to Lillard getting sick of all the critics he's had over the past few years, and just letting off some steam, because this comparison, however unfavorable to Lillard, isn't really bashing him at all, at wasn't even worth a response.