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Clint Capela Has A Higher Chance To Win MVP Than Multiple All-Stars According To This Website

Credit: USA Today

Credit: USA Today

It's pretty obvious to most NBA fans that James Harden has been far and away the best player in the NBA year, and it's translated to both his stats and the Houston Rockets' record this season.

After being arguably snubbed by voters in last year's MVP ballot -- losing to award to former teammate Russell Westbrook who averaged a triple-double on the season -- The Beard has come back with a vengeance with averages of 32 points and 9.5 assists a game, at one point even leading the league in both PPG and APG, just proving how much he's producing while on the court.

The Rockets currently sit at an NBA best 21-4 record, but how much of that success is ultimately owed to Harden?

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Well, according to, one of Harden's teammates deserves some of the credit for how well Houston has been playing this year, and it's not Chris Paul.

The Rockets' starting center Clint Capela currently ranks 7th on Basketball-Reference's MMVP tracker list -- a list which shows who has the highest probabilty to win MVP each season, and is updated every day.

Harden ranks number one with a 75.7% probability to take home the award at the end of the season and is obviously the favorite, but it's interesting to see just how Harden and Paul have impacted Capela's game.

Capela is averaging 13.7 points and 11 rebounds a game for Houston, as well as 1.8 blocks and is shooting a league-best 67% from the field, as he's been the target of many Harden and CP3 pick-and-roll lobs.

With only a 0.4% chance to win MVP this year, Capela has next to no chance of winning the award, even if both Paul and Harden go down with injuries, but you have to admit, seeing a player who's only averaging 25 minutes a game rank above the likes of Al Horford, LaMarcus Aldridge and Anthony Davis as an MVP candidate is hilarious.