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Cleveland Teammates Make Fun Of J.R. Smith For Being Wasted At Mayweather-McGregor Fight


If you're an NBA fan, either casual or hardcore, you will definitely know about J.R. Smith's love of alcohol. Moving to Cleveland hasn't seemed to change J.R.'s ways either as shown by his social media activity on Saturday night.

Smith was one of the many celebrities in attendance for the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight, his NBA paycheck more than enough to secure him and his wife ringside seats to the fight. Cavs' teammates LeBron James and Isaiah Thomas were also seen ringside.

Being in the public eye, Smith and his wife, Jewel Harris, took the opportunity to snap some selfies and post them on Instagram during the event held in Las Vegas.

Here's a before shot of the couple:

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And an after shot...


Not only does J.R. look certifiably drunk in that picture, he didn't even manage to tag his wife's Instagram account correctly in the caption.

A couple of Smith's teammates from Cleveland, Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson, decided to poke some fun at their shooting guard while he was wasted.


I don't know about you guys, but hanging out with that trio for a night out would definitely be one to remember, as long as no one's driving that is.