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CJ McCollum Is Recruiting A Special Player To Portland


The Carmelo Anthony trade rumors have picked up much traction of late. The Rockets have been the biggest contenders so far, with thier eyes set on a CP3, Melo, Harden trio.

But the most recent team in the Melo sweepstakes isn't a team most would think. It's the Trailblazers. Portland has been rumored to be seeking a deal to acquire the star forward to play alongside Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum.

With the West being so strong nowadays, the Blazers probably wouldn't be title favorites, even with Carmelo on the floor. But the team would surely be competitive enough to be considered a playoff lock. Melo won't solve all their problems, but he'd bring additional high volume scoring to go along with one of the best backcourts in the league.

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It seems shooting guard CJ McCollum sees the same advantages, and he took to Instagram to express his feelings about all of the Carmelo trade rumors.

About 9 hours ago, he posted that on his personal Instagram page. It seems like McCollum wasn't very subtle in his feelings about Carmelo to Portland.

And while Portland may not be the best situation for him, you have to admit that Carmelo Anthony looks pretty good in red black and white.