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Chris Broussard Beleives The Lakers Are Positioning Themselves To Go After King James


To be a Laker, or not to be a Laker...that’s the question so many NBA fans have asked concerning LeBron James and his free-agent stints.

While it always seems like a possible choice, James has managed to stay away from LaLa for the time being, likely for a myriad of reasons. So far, regarding the upcoming summer, that same statement appears to still be true.

But according to Fox Sports analyst Chris Broussard, LeBron James to Los Angeles may actually happen, despite other reports contradicting the claim.

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On Undisputed, Broussard made an appearance in which he spoke about the moves of the deadline, and now the Lakers may have set themselves up for a royal arrival. He even says that trading Clarkson and Nance were “power moves,” just making it a real nice relationship and doing favors for Rich Paul and the LeBron James team.

Only time will tell if Broussard is right, but it’s not too hard to think he could be on to something.