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Charles Oakley Blasts Current NBA Players With Ruthless Comment

Knick legend Charles Oakley was never one to be subtle when speaking his mind.

In his day, the NBA was truly a different beast than the game we are watching today. It was way more physical, tough, and just flat out brutal. Of course, it’s never easy to play professional sports, but the game today could be considered a lot softer than it was a few decades ago.

On a podcast with Michael Rapport’s “I Am A Rapport,” Oakley made that same point when addressing his thoughts on the current state of NBA basketball.

“We drank milk, they drank water, it’s a big difference.”

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He also described that there are current NBA players who are “so sensitive” and some who “should wear dresses.”


Whether you agree with the comments or not, there is a notable difference in the way the game is played nowadays to the way it was played before.

Funny thing is, Dennis Rodman (one of Oakley’s biggest rival back in the day) actually wore a dress in the 90’s on more than one occasion.

For Oakley though, he’s been on the wrong side of things of late. The situation with the Knicks earlier in the year has seemed to start a backward trend for the legend.

Hopefully, that backward trend is one he can climb out of soon.