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Charles Barkley Calls Out LeBron James After All-Star Vote Results Are Released


As the years have gone on since the All-Star game's inception, more and more fans have called the voting system put in place to vote players as All-Stars a 'popularity contest', leading to the NBA being forced to change the voting system, which now takes an equal amount of votes from fans, the media, and the league's players to decide which players are voted in as starters to that year's All-Star game.

The Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James has always been one of the most popular players in the league, and is usually number one when it comes to the number of votes received during All-Star selection.

It was no different this year either, as James was the leading vote-getter in the Eastern Conference, leading to LBJ being named as the captain for his side for the All-Star game.

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Despite leading the vote count in general, LeBron came 2nd in the player vote, with Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo coming first in that department, as announced on Inside the NBA.

Charles Barkley, who is a member of Inside the NBA, said he wasn't surprised that Giannis polled more votes than LeBron, and threw some shade at James in the process of explaining his reasoning.

“I’m not at all because I think the players like Greek Freak’s personality better. LeBron is a great player and a great guy, but he’s a drama queen.”

The rest of the crew next to Barkley were quite perplexed with his comments, not quite fathoming where something like that would have come from, considering the two never played against each other in the NBA.

Barley stood by his comments though, as he usually does, adding that James is 'passive aggressive', leading to other players taking a dislike to him.