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Cavs vs Spurs: 3 Reasons Why Tonight’s Game Will Be Hot


We all know how good the Warriors have been this season, despite their best players being out for a while now. But in the West, it’s not just about Golden State anymore. While everyone has their eyes in Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and even JaVale McGee, the Spurs sit just just two and a half games back quietly having their way with the rest of the league.

Tonight, that Spurs team faces off against a Cavs team that many consider disappointing. Will the Spurs show the Cavs who’s boss? Or will Cleveland fight back, and keep it’s standing as the number one team in the East? Here’s three reasons why tonights game could be one of the best games left this season:

MVP Showdown

It’s no secret that reigning Defensive Player of The Year, Kawhi Leonard, is making a strong case for MVP this season. His steady numbers and insanely good defense have been quite impressive to witness. LeBron James, by no surprise, is on the same boat. Without him, the Cavs would be a mess, and if he loses this game it’ll be hard to picture him as the front runner. Either way, other than his little feud with LaVar Ball, LeBron has been completely locked in this year and is leading the Cavaliers to the top record in the East. Bottom line is, tonights game will undoubtedly have an impact on the MVP race.

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The Race For Number 1

The Boston Celtics are closing in FAST on the top seed in the East. The Cavs may be more experienced in the post-season than Boston, but not having home court advantage will definitely hurt in the Eastern Conference Finals. For the Spurs, they’re not too far off from the Dubs for that one spot out West. Winning tonights game would keep them close, and a loss would probably cement their status as the second seed. This game is huge for both teams, as it could determine their playoff positions.

Finals Preview?

It’s not hard to imagine these teams making it to the Finals in June. So its very likely that we could be looking at an early Finals preview, in the middle of March. Because these teams are in opposing conferences, they only meet twice a year. This means that this could be the only time that each team has a chance to test the other out before (and if) they meet in the post-season.

So, as these two teams face off tonight, think about whats on the line: An MVP award, a potential playoff seeding, and a chance to get a taste of a future Finals opponent. There's so much at stake tonight, this game could have a huge impact on the weeks to come. As the hours tick down, and each team prepares for battle, they both know that its time to bring their best. Are you excited yet?!


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