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Cavaliers Take Awesome Team Photo At LeBron's Halloween Party Showcasing Epic Costumes


LeBron James' annual Halloween party has become somewhat of an exclusive event in the NBA over the years ever since he came back to Cleveland, with only Cavalier team members invited, as they all dress up in some pretty awesome outfits that make their way all over social media.

Even though the start of the NBA season has been less than ideal for the Cavs this season, LeBron's party was no different, with all the new-look Cavaliers in attendance dressed to the nines. The squad even got together for an impromptu team picture, courtesy of Channing Frye's Instagram.


Just look at those bunch of characters, they could even pass off for a couple of regular dudes at a party.

As you can quite clearly see, some of the Cavs went above and beyond for their Halloween costumes, more so than previous years, given how big the yearly event has become.

Let's take a look at Kyle Korver for example, the sharpshooter went all out on a Willy Wonka costume, even getting two dwarfs to play as oompa-loompa's.

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Kevin Love shaved off his signature beard to complete the look of legendary WCW wrestler Sting...


...Isaiah Thomas pulled off the Easy-E look to perfection...


...And of course, the man of honor, LeBron James killed it with his Pennywise costume.


Now, if only Cleveland could put as much effort into the defensive end during games as they did with their costumes, then they may have a better record than 3-4.