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Cavaliers Reporter Reveals Insane Reason Why Kyrie Began To Dislike LeBron


If you were to say a major part of the Cavaliers' championship in 2016 would be demanding a trade in the offseason after making the Finals for a third consecutive time, I would've called you crazy.

But alas, here we are, and Kyrie Irving is now apart of the Boston Celtics, perhaps the Cleveland Cavaliers biggest rivals in the Eastern Conference.

Even if Irving denies it to the grave, most NBA fans assume LeBron was one factor in Kyrie requesting a trade back in July, as it seems a bit of friction had formed between the pair, especially after the Finals loss in 2017.

Whether it was because Irving was sick of playing as LeBron's sidekick, or was tired of getting blamed for losses while James was absolved of all responsibility is up in the air, but according to Cavaliers reported Joe Vardon, there was another underlying issue that caused Kyrie to begin to resent LeBron:

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While the reason may be weird to some, it's a very valid argument from Kyrie. I cannot recall a time where Irving's opinion was asked on issues such as the US presidency or one of the many riots that happened across this year, reporters would always head to LeBron for quotes. Whether that was fair on Kyrie is up for debate, as LeBron is pretty much the face of the league, and his words hold more power than most others in the NBA.

Irving took his fate into his own hands though by asking for a trade away from LeBron and the Cavs, but also back in February at the All-Star weekend, when he surprised the entirety of the NBA media by claiming the Earth was flat, proving his own point:


Now a member of the Celtics, and arguably their number one offensive option and overall leader, Uncle Drew should be receiving a lot more questions regarding social issues, as that's clearly something he values if he was willing to make such a dramatic career decision.