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Cavaliers Reportedly Cutting Recently-Signed Center To Make Room For Dwyane Wade

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Jason Miller/Getty Images

That didn't last long did it?

Cleveland fans around the world have been screaming at the top of their lungs over the past day or so after it was reported that former teammate of LeBron James in Miami, Dwyane Wade, would be signing with the Cavaliers for next season after being bought out by the Bulls, only tightening the grip the Cavs have on the Eastern Conference.

But everything comes at a cost in the NBA, and for one recent Cavs acquisition, the signing of Wade means the end of his short stint in Cleveland.

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Perkins had literally only just signed with Cleveland after spending last season on the New Orleans Pelicans' roster. The Cavs offered him an invitation to return to the team after his campaign with them in 2015-16, but as you can see, it was very short lived.

Regardless, you will not find an NBA fan in the world who would prefer Kendrick Perkins over Dwyane Wade, especially if you're going to be pairing Wade with none other than LeBron James.

Farewell (again) Perk. Maybe you can come back in 2019.