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Cavaliers Could Face The Most Expensive Payroll Ever


Despite all the positive changes going on in Cleveland right now, there's one glaring issue that nobody seems to be talking about: money.

Money is what really runs the NBA, and money is the reason why certain players sign with one team over another. For the Cleveland Cavaliers, their payroll is already pretty massive this season, between LeBron's massive contract and all the pieces they've surrounded him with.

Even that, however, is nothing compared to what t can become next year. If things continue as they are, Cleveland is due to face a 300 million dollar payroll next season, as pointed out by ESPN.

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During these next few months, the Cavs will have to figure out if their 300 million dollar roster will be worth keeping together. Will it be enough to compete with the Warriors? How much longer will the team stay dominant?

Bearing those questions in mind, it's clear that Koby Altman and the Cleveland front-office has a lot of thinking to do before things heat up in the summer time.