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Cavaliers' Coach Lue Says That Cleveland Will Be Changing Their Starting Five Once Again


Roster consistency doesn't seem to be something Cleveland Cavaliers' coach Ty Lue is concerned with this season.

Lue has played around with the Cavs' starting five multiple times through the start of this season, having to deal with multiple injuries that have sidelined players for a few games here and there. One of those players was point guard Derrick Rose, who suffered an ankle injury in Cleveland's game against the Milwaukee Bucks in only the second game of the season.

This forced Lue to slot LeBron James in at the point guard spot for two games, where he proceeded to rack up 13 assists in each outing against the Bulls and the Nets.

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Now however, with Derrick Rose relatively healed and ready to go, Tyronn Lue is changing the starting lineup yet again.

Rose will replace LeBron at PG, JR replaces Wade at SG, James moves down to the three, Love moves up to the power forward spot, and Tristan Thompson will be starting after coming off the bench to start the season while Jae Crowder and Love both started at PF and C.

This leaves Crowder as the odd man out, being relegated to the bench after some solid performances in the starting five.

Lue is finally getting to the point where he wants the starting lineup to be after some disappointing performances and injuries forced him to make drastic changes. This lineup will debut against the New Orleans Pelicans on Friday night, and should remain the same -- hopefully -- until Isaiah Thomas' return next year.