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Carmelo Anthony Speaks At Current Situation In Baltimore Press Conference


With all the drama surrounding the New York Knicks this summer, Carmelo Anthony has every right to be frustrated. But in one talk with reporters during The Basketball Tournament's Day of Giving, frustration is not the feeling Melo displayed.

Rather, he seemed calm, poised, and uncaring on the events involving him or the Knicks.

During an ESPN video of the event, Carmelo explains that he is "at peace" with his current situation, and admits that he has not met with the Knicks about the future of his days in New York. He also describes the last 12 months as being an "emotional roller coaster" and says that he had to find peace with himself and the situation he was in.

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Although rumors have gone rampant about potential Carmelo Anthony trades, things have died down in the past few days. The Knicks have been hesitant to accept a deal, and Carmelo ultimately gets to choose if he wants to waive his no trade clause.


In short, it's been a hellish few months for New York. With everything that's going on, they find themselves fighting hard for any type of stability. With their biggest star seemingly right in the middle of it, he's committed to just pushing through the pain and staying calm through the worst of the storm.

That comittent may just save what's left of his career.