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Carmelo Anthony Roasts ESPN For Low Ranking In Top 100 Players List


Just before the start of the regular season, ESPN has released another one of their 'Top 100 Players' lists, and there were some very angry players when all was said and done, especially one Carmelo Anthony.

The sports network has put out a Top 100 Players list before the start of every NBA season for the past seven years, with last year's list ranking the New York Knicks forward as the 31st best player in the NBA.

Fast forward to 2017 however, and the most recent rankings have put Melo all the way down in the 60's.

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You'd be insane to believe that there are 63 players in the NBA who are better than Anthony, and fans are making sure ESPN hear it. It's plain disrespectful to Melo, who has never averaged under 20 points a game in his entire career so far.

Carmelo, who has recently been setting social media alight with his 'Hoodie Melo' offseason, was none too pleased with the ranking, as you'd expect.

Thankfully for Melo, next season is looking very optimistic for him. He's on the verge of being traded out of New York, a place which has slowly sucked the happiness out of Anthony, and he is looking like a new player based on the videos posted to Twitter and Instagram.

With this recent ranking, Carmelo will definitely be playing with a chip on his shoulder to show the doubters wrong, especially the ones who consider a rookie better than a 10-time All-Star.