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Carmelo Anthony On NBA Referees: "No Disrespect, But I'm Done With Those Guys."


At this point, things are going downhill for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Their competition is against them, time is against them, and now the refs are against them... well, at least according to Carmelo Anthony.

So much so, in fact, that he's done with them entirely.

Here's what he said about them post-game, cutting off the question he asked about them:

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"I'm done with them. I'm done with the refs. No disrespect, but I'm done with those guys."

Lately, NBA stars have been laying into the officiating of late, with all kinds of outspoken comments being made. And so, with that being true, it begs the question: does the league need to take a look at their referees? Do changes need to be made?