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Brian Windhorst On Tyronn Lue: "He Is playing Lineups Right Now That, Frankly, I Cannot Comprehend..."

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The biggest story in the NBA right now is the epic and colossal collapse of the Cleveland Cavaliers, a team which made the NBA Finals just last season. So many things have gone wrong these past few months, from losing their second-best star, to an injury to their best big-man, and relationship problems in the locker room.

Still, one of the biggest mysteries for the Cavs, at least according to ESPN's Brian Windhorst, is the strategy of their head coach.

On an appearance in The Jump, Windhorst goes on to explain how Lue's lineups are not nearly as good as they could be, while refereeing to the defense as "catastrophic." Here's the clip:

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It's pretty alarming just how strange this whole situation is. When Windhorst asked Lue directly about the unorthodox lineups, he simple responded by citing he didn't want to "go backwards."

Are these immense failures on Tyronn Lue? Are they on LeBron James? Or, maybe, is the team just compiled of a bunch of guys who don't fit well together?

For the franchise to fix this mess, that's the question they'll have to answer before anything else.