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Breaking: NBA To Change All-Star Game Format


NBA All-Star weekend is one of the most exciting times of the basketball season. The three-point shoot out, skills challenge, and dunk contest are some regular fan favorites.

But make no mistake: the All-Star game is always the main event. And this year, the infamous game is going to recieve a few changes.

ESPN analyst Brian Windhorst reports:

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"The NBA All Star Game will switch formats this season, as two captains will select the teams regardless of which conferences the players play in..."

This change most likely comes as a result of the inbalance between the East and West. With the new format, the captains (determined by whoever gets the most votes) choose thier teams rather than having a pre-set squad dependant on Conference.

As a much appreciated bonus, each team will play for a charity of thier choice, giving the players an added incentive to win.

No doubt, this new format gives fans a reason to care about an otherwise meaningless game. And with the 2017 season fast approaching, the excitetement to see this new re-vamped All-Star game will only grow higher.