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Breaking: Kyrie Irving Out For The Rest Of The Year After Surgery

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images/AFP

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images/AFP

This is the exact news Boston Celtic fans were hoping not to hear after all the injuries they've suffered from the entire season.

As per Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, All-Star guard Kyrie Irving will sit out the remainder of the NBA regular season as well as the entire NBA playoffs after undergoing left knee surgery.

What makes the news so devastating to the Celtics is the fact that the surgery was only supposed to sideline Irving for three to six weeks, leaving him ready and healthy for the beginning of Boston's playoff push.

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After losing their newest All-Star acquisition in the form of Gordon Hayward during the first game of the regular season, to now losing their second All-Star acquisition mere days away from the start of the playoffs, this season has been a horror movie for Boston.

With Al Horford the only remaining star player healthy enough to be in the lineup, it's tough to see Boston having the success many predicted they would have heading into the postseason.

Sports injuries are incredibly common among basketball players, due to the amount of energy exerted. It is not uncommon to see but it is a tough call if a player is out of action for something such as a pulled shoulder muscle or hip issues. It can cause issues for the whole season. Whilst something such as hip dysplasia in adults is usually hereditary, it can inhibit people from ever being able to play to high standards again. Proper conduct on the basketball court, performing warm-up exercises before training and also the use of appropriate equipment can prevent serious injuries and injuries of varying degrees and allow players to enjoy a challenging game, which offers them quite a few health benefits and helps strengthen the body and especially muscles.

There are different types of basketball injuries. The injuries, which are considered the most common among basketball players, amateurs and professionals, are: ankle sprains, sprains or tears of the knee ligaments, Achilles tendonitis, meniscus rupture, Jumper's Knee tendonitis, finger injuries including fractures and ligament strain and also injuries in areas of ligaments. Injuries mostly occur in varying degrees, from the mildest to the most severe, which often requires surgical intervention and when this occurs, sadly the players are forced to skip a season or at least a few matches. Whilst we have seen a few players out of action offer the past few seasons, we hope that Kyrie Irving makes a great recovery from his surgery and is back in action again soon.