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BREAKING: John Wall Sends The Series To Game 7 With Game Winning 3-Pointer!


Not one, not two, not three, not four, not five...but 7. That's how many games it's going to take to knock the Washington Wizards out of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. After scratching and clawing their way to the bitter end, it was John Wall who came up big.

Down the stretch, John Wall hit a game winning 3-pointer to save the Wizards' season. after the game, Wall had this to say to the Celtics and their fans (who were wearing all-black before the game)

"Don't come here wearing all black to my city."

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The first half of the year, the Wizards sure didn't seem like a contending team. But after their sudden and dramatic turn, they have become one of the East's best teams, and are one game away from the Eastern Conference Finals.

After an amazing season of silencing the doubters, John Wall and the Wizards only have one more question to answer: Can they get over the hump, and beat the Celtics when it matters most?