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Breaking: Gordon Hayward Will Make A Decision Between Two Teams


It seems like coveted free agent Gordon Hayward has narrowed his destination next season down to one of two teams.

A produced of a radio station owned by the Utah Jazz, Austin Horton, has said he's been told Hayward's decision will be between the Boston Celtics and staying put in Utah.

That obviously leads the other front runner for Hayward's services, the Miami Heat, seemingly out of the equation.

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Whatever choice Gordon makes, you wouldn't be able to blame him for it.

Staying in Utah would keep him in a situation that is perfectly tailored to and around him, as well as pay him the most. Unfortunately, they are in the West, so they probably won’t be making the Finals anytime soon.

Going to Miami has some perks too. They have great weather, and would tailor their system around him. Unfortunately, they are in LeBron’s conference, so they won’t be making the Finals anytime soon.

Boston seems like the best pure basketball fit, as they were already the best team and have more high draft picks to come. But it's cold, and they are under Danny Ainge’s direction, so they won’t be making “the trade” anytime soon.

There is no correct answer.

With Miami now reportedly off the table, Boston fans should be very excited, and they better be crossing their fingers and toes, because all of the Celtics' chips have been bet on acquiring Hayward.