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Breaking: Eric Gordon Wins Sixth Man Of The Year

Breaking: Eric Gordon Wins Sixth Man Of The Year-1024x640@2x

His playing days in New Orleans had some awesome moments. But for some unknown reason, the former Indiana University shooting guard just couldn’t take that next step. Marred by injuries, he never really lived up to all the hype surrounding him. Once he stepped foot in Houston, however, things dramatically took a turn for the better.

Averaging 16.2 points per game while bringing a fire off the bench for the Houston Rockets has resurrected what most thought was a dead career. When the Rockets hired Mike D’Antoni as the head coach, most felt like it was a huge mistake. D’Antoni was famous for inventing a system of many trees and very sparse defense.

Most expected the Rockets to be a bottom-seeded playoff team. Rather, the organization finished 3rd in the Western Conference while chucking up threes like we’ve never seen before. Eric Gordon was a huge part of that.Not only could he shoot from anywhere on the floor, he was always there to provide a bucket in key situations. In what is mostly a successful career, the 2008/9 now has a new accolade to add to his resume: 2017 NBA Sixth Man of The Year.

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