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BREAKING: 2017 All-NBA Teams Announced


The 2016/17 NBA Season has been filled with the good, the bad, and the shocking. With both Conference Finals being complete blowouts, it seems like everyone is just waiting for what will sure be an epic Finals series between the Cavs and Warriors.

But to hold us over, we can look at the All-NBA Teams, which have just been announced a few moments ago! No doubt it's been an incredible season, and these lists will help to cement the legacy of another legendary NBA season. Which players on these lists surprise you, and who isn’t on here that should be?

2017 All-NBA First Team

(G): Russell Westbrook

(G): James Harden

(F): Kawhi Leonard

(F): LeBron James

(C): Anthony Davis

2017 All-NBA Second Team

(G): Stephen Curry

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(G): Isaiah Thomas

(F): Kevin Durant

(F): Giannis Antetokounmpo

(C): Rudy Gobert

2017 All-NBA Third Team

(G): John Wall

(G): DeMar DeRozan

(F): Jimmy Butler

(F): Draymond Green

(C): DeAndre Jordan