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Boston Celtics Send Avery Bradley To The Detroit Pistons

(AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

(AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

When Gordon Hayward chose the Celtics on July 4th, it came with a few necessities. One of which was cap space, which the Celtics would need to clear in order to sign Hayward to a four year, $128 million dollar contract.

Reports indicate that both the Lakers and the Clippers were aggressive suitors when Bradley became available. Ultimately though, the Celtics chose Detroit to acquire big man, Macrus Morris. Morris provides Boston with some addition depth, and a good pairing next to Al Horford. Morris may not be a star, but he is a great return for one the teams top players.

Already, the C's are being scrutinized for trading away their best perimeter defender rather than trading Smart or Crowder. Because of Bradley's relentless defensive abilities, he no doubt generated the most interest.

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It should be noted that Bradley is coming into the final year of his contract, and could chose to leave the Pistons after next season. It's not yet known how Bradley feels about his new home, but surely this trade has crushed the hearts of Celtics fans around the globe.