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Bobby Portis Texted An Apology To Nikola Mirotic After Fight And Was Blatantly Ignored


When it comes to the wide world of sports, one thing that is consistent among all levels competition is the comaraderie between teammates and the mateship of all members within a franchise, as the men and women on a certain team spend the majority of their time together training, playing and travelling from game to game.

Understandably though, being together for long periods of time like that all year leads to some disagreements between teammates with differing personalities, and in the NBA things are no different, proven by the fight between Chicago Bulls teammates Bobby Portis and Nikola Mirotic.

Not much information has been released to the public regarding the fight, up until now however, where it's been reported that Portis texted an apology to Mirotic, and didn't even get a response.

It's understandable why Nikola wouldn't want to respond to his teammate after the fight, as he had to be hospitalized due to the injuries he suffered, including two broken bones in his face and a concussion.

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When Portis was asked who started the encounter, he just said that "things happen," and wasn't exactly specific.


Portis was suspended a total of eight games for his actions, while Mirotic is out indefinitely with no time slated for his return.

When the Montenegrin eventually does return, it'll be interesting to see what the Bulls front office does with each player considering their relationship. Will they ship off Portis somewhere else and hold onto Mirotic, or the other way around?

Regardless, it'll be quite a while before that situation becomes an issue.