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Bleacher Report Insert Hoodie Melo Into 2K18, Proceeds To Dominate Warriors


The legend that is Hoodie Melo has pretty much taken over social media during the NBA offseason, with Knicks fans (and probably Rockets fans too) hoping Carmelo Anthony can bring some of that Hoodie Melo skillset over to the NBA regular season.

In what started as simple and innocent workouts in a hooded jacket, have seemingly turned into some sort of legendary spectacle, on par with the GOAT Brian Scalabrine.

So much so in fact, that Bleacher Report has taken the initiative, with their insanely skilled creative team, to create Hoodie Melo inside of NBA 2K18.

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The video shows the Knicks in a somber mood, down to the defending champion Golden State Warriors at halftime.

Enter Hoodie Melo, who with the help of, uh, 4 other Hoodie Melo's, claws back to take a 97-35 win, holding the Warriors to zero points in the second half. Amazing.

If Carmelo can somehow transfer some of the aura surrounding Hoodie Melo to himself, he may have a chance to drag the Knicks into the playoffs.