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BIG3 League: The World Wants A Big Baller Team

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Now hear me out for a minute. While this is just another what if article, it actually has plausibility to become a real possibility. The way BIG3 Basketball is going to make its mark is by entertaining us fans and keeping us hooked from week to week. The addition of the Ball family would be perfect for just that. They are all characters and are building quite a brand in Big Baller.

There would obviously have to be a rule change in place for who is eligible to play in this BIG3 league. They would have to open up the doors to undrafted players, celebrities that might have some game (Lavar Ball), and try to make this league more legit to compete with the NBA. Then, maybe they could go head to head with the NBA and play year round. Ice Cube if you are reading this, please find some way or fashion to get the Ball family in this league. The pairing of the Big Baller Brand and BIG3 Basketball would be a match made for TV. We won’t get to see Lavar Ball go against a prime MJ, but we would get to see him match up with a rejuvenated White Mamba.

Here are the reasons why the Big Baller Brand joining up with BIG3 Basketball would be good for both sides.

Why Does The Baller Brand Do It?

 Credit: Nice Kicks

Credit: Nice Kicks

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Where do I even begin? First off, it would increase the popularity of the brand overall. Millions at home would be tuning in to watch their favorite former basketball players compete and laugh at the latest antics of the Ball family every week. Secondly, it would help Lavar promote and advertise his kids as well as his brand. Maybe, he could get some of the younger players like Andre Owens or Xavier Silas to join up with the brand.

Maybe, he could strike a deal with the BIG3 where they sell his sneakers at games and have commercials featuring the brand. It would be the work of a marketing genius if Lavar can get this done and make it happen. Imagine, the publicity of the brand rising due to so many fans in the arena or at home seeing the Ball Brand in full swing every week. Thirdly, Lavar has already had previous interactions with Ice Cube and Fox Sports 1. The network would be totally down with this acquisition. Lavar Ball has been on the Herd with Colin Cowherd and was challenged by Ice Cube in the four-point shot challenge. The deal was if Lavar made the shot, then Cube would have to wear Big Baller Brand shoes. Lavar missed terribly and shrugged it off. Lastly, the Ball Family recently made an appearance on WWE’s Monday Night Raw. Meaning, Lavar Ball has shown that he is more than up for guest appearances.

Why Does The BIG3 Do It? 

They do it primarily because of the ratings it can bring them. With this type of move, they’d be the talk of the basketball world, much like Lonzo Ball was the talk of the draft night. Look forward to skyrocketed ratings and being a trending topic on social media. Now, the Ball Family doesn’t necessarily need to be an actual team in this league but if they were to make some appearances it would be great. They could be a part of guest on court interviews. Anything that comes out of Lavar Ball’s mouth is another top ESPN headline. Lavar Ball could be a guest commentator. His charisma would make for an entertaining called game.

This is an endeavor that would make Ice Cube look like a genius business man. This move would assure any BIG3 League doubters or haters that this product will succeed and it will stay relevant. This league is a few acquisitions away from seriously challenging the NBA on a head to head level. Snatching up the Ball Family would be one giant step for mankind type of move. This Ball Family is built for TV and they are going to be around for a while. Why not be a big part of their development and that story?

For the record, I’m not saying this is ever going to happen but if it did, they’d be the talk of the sports world for real.