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Big Baller Brand Just Gained An Insanely Famous Fan


With the way LaVar Ball has handled the media, he hasn't been very great at rallying the fans. In fact, his confidence and extreme boasting often rub people the wrong way.

As the owner of Big Baller Brand, he put some of that confidence to the test when he asked bigger shoe companies to finance his. Obviously, that never happened and it left the Ball family basically on their own. While they've been covered a lot by the media lately, a lot of haters remain against their cause.

But not everyone is against the Ball family and their monster brand. One hugely famous rapper not only bought one pair of Lonzo Ball's signature ZO2 sneakers, he bought three (which run for about $495 each). And his name is Jay-Z.

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In a thankful message to the rapper, Lonzo had this to say during a meeting with TMZ Sports:

"I'm just thankful man, appreciate it."

When asked about a possible meeting with the rapper, and former minority owner of the Brooklyn Nets, Lonzo refused to comment, but it's hard not to think it wouldn't be an option in the future. After all, he's proved himself to be a true Big Baller.

With all the heat and criticism the Ball family gets, it must be nice to have such an influential figure standing in their corner. If they can continue to muster up support like that, Big Baller Brand may be in for some serious success.