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Barack Obama Picks A Side In The LeBron Vs. Jordan Argument


It seems like the debate between NBA fans over who the better player is between Michael Jordan and LeBron James has raged on for centuries, even though it's been less than a decade.

It's hard to imagine that the argument will be ending anytime soon, especially if LeBron plans on playing for the next 5 or so years, as until his career is over, we can never truly measure both players against each other in terms of career accomplishments.

This doesn't seem to concern fans though, as both Bron and Jordan fans will happily call each other out for days on end defending their favorite players, and who can blame them? Even if it is ultimately a pointless pastime, debating with fellow basketball fans is extremely fun, as long as it's kept civil.

It's so fun in fact, that former President of the United States Barack Obama has chimed in the debate.

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The 44th POTUS sat down with Prince Harry of the Royal Family for a radio interview over in Britain, and had a lengthy discussion about a range of issues, including the GOAT argument surprisingly.

The answer was pretty definitive for Obama: His Airness.

"Jordan," Obama said without much hesitation. "Although I love LeBron, I'm a Chicago guy."

Obama siding with Jordan was almost a given, considering Barack spent a large portion of his life living in the Windy City, and is a massive Chicago Bulls fan. Picking LeBron in a debate like this would be a cardinal sin.

Even if he wasn't from Chicago, it'd be hard to imagine the former President picking LBJ, as Obama is most likely more fond of basketball in the 90's than today's brand of basketball, as are many others.

Regardless, just because one of the most (former) powerful men in the world said one thing, doesn't mean it's true. James still has a ways to go to catch up to Jordan's legacy -- especially in terms of rings -- but it is an achievable feat.