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Bad News For The Golden State Warriors


To say the Golden State Warriors are going through tough times seems like a stretch considering how successful they've been the past couple of years.

But bearing in mind all that's happened to them recently, that's exactly the state of their reality. Kevin Durant is out for two weeks with a fractured rib, Klay Thompson is out with a fractured right thumb, and the team is on the cusp of their worst season since the Steve Kerr era.

To make matters worse, their two-time MVP may miss some important games.

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In a recent chat with Anthony Slater, the Warriors head coach revealed that Steph Curry will likely miss the entire first round of the upcoming playoffs. Obviously, the Warriors are usually good enough to get by without him. Considering the team's recent slew of bad luck, however, the future of the Dubs has never been more in question.

Will they be ready for a tough first-round series without their superstar point-guard? Only time will tell.