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Awesome B/R Interview: Steve Nash Wants "One More Chance"

Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Things have change a lot for former NBA superstar, Steve Nash. He's no longer the elite hoopster/athlete he was years ago. Nowadays, he's your typical work dad, spending time at home with his awesome family.

But for Nash, basketball will always be a huge part of his life. Even he himself recognizes that the spotlight will never go away. After all, Nash had one of the best careers anyone could have. A great passer and superb shooter, Nash led his team to respectability consistently.


But admittedly, his career is missing one key ingredient: a ring. Despite how good he was and the talent that surrounded him for so many years, he never did finish a season as an NBA Champion. In a Q & A with Bleacher Report, Nash shared one revealing wish when asked if never winning a title ate at him:

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"I mean, it's not fun. I wish we did win one, but at the same time, you get one life. My life is amazing. In the grand scheme of things, I moved on. I hold my hand up and say, "I didn't do it, I needed to be a little better to do it." Other than that, I realize how lucky I was to get where I got, and I enjoyed being a part of those teams. Yeah, I wish I could have one more chance, but I can't, so I enjoy watching the guys go through it now."

And when asked if athletes actually care about winning it all as much as the media portrays, Nash responded with this:

"I mean, it sucks not doing it. As for fans, they're paramount to the business and have their perspective, but you still have to live your life and be a person. I think that's hard sometimes for a fan to realize. Yeah, you didn't win a championship, but that's in the context of one part of your life—and it's a team sport. Chri Paul is an amazing, amazing player, one of the greatest players to ever play the game. And, I mean, is him not making the conference finals ever all on Chris Paul? And other guys: [Charles] Barkley, John Stockton, not everyone can win. There's one winner every year, and it comes down to organizations and teams. And honestly, I think everyone would admit this: It comes down to luck, who gets the bounces. Yes, you make your own luck in life, so I'm not criticizing anyone—and I'm not even talking about myself for that—but I mean, every year, look at the team that wins. You can't control everything in a team sport. So I'm not going to cry about it, but yeah, there are moments where I'm like, "F--k." But I say it almost in an appreciative way, in a way where I realize it's great not everyone can do it. I wasn't fortunate enough to do it, but that's what makes winning a title so special. "

So yeah, winning a championship is every player's ultimate dream. Steve Nash never achieved that dream. But, if he could, he would like one more chance to finally win the ring he deserves. Unfortunately, though, he knows he'll never get it. Too much time has passed, his opportunities have faded now.

But with all that he's accomplished, he's still got plenty to be proud of.

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