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Austin Rivers May Have Become The Most Hated Player In The NBA After This Quote

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When thinking of some of the more unlikeable players in the NBA, a few names spring to mind for various reasons. Draymond Green, for his constant yapping while on the court, LeBron James and James Harden, for the way they complain to the refs game to game, and Austin Rivers, just for being Doc Rivers' son.

Believe or not, but the majority of NBA fans, as well as players,dislike Austin Rivers, because most feel he's only in the NBA because of his relationship with his father Doc Rivers. In fact, one of the reasons Chris Paul left Los Angeles is because he felt like Austin was receiving special treatment from his head coach and father.

Austin was at the center of the controversy surrounding the Clippers and Rockets 'fight' in the Clippers' locker room on Monday after apparently jawing at Rockets small forward Trevor Ariza while sitting on the sidelines, leading to Ariza, Paul and Gerald Green trying to confront Rivers after the game.

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Austin spoke out about some of the hate he's recieved since entering the league, and it may have made the whole situation a whole lot worse.

​​"Maybe I got a chance because Doc is my dad, but I know my swagger keeps me from succumbing to negativity," Rivers said.

What does Austin even mean by 'swagger'? Granted, he at least acknowledged his connection to his father may have played a role in him making the NBA, but everything after that goes straight downhill. People have complained Austin acts entitled, especially considering he's had to work considerably less for what he's earned throughout his career compared to his peers, and the entitlement comes off the charts with this quote.

If anything, Austin has just made more haters out of fans and players with his comments, and you can be sure opposing point guards are going to be coming at him hard after this.