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Audio Of LeBron and Lonzo's On-Court Conversation Has Been Released, And It's Not What You Think


Thursday's matchup between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers had a lot of hype surrounding it considering it was a regular season game in the middle of December, but the hype was not unwarranted.

It would be the first time we'd be seeing Lonzo Ball going head-to-head against LeBron James. Not only that, the rumors suggesting LeBron was considering a move to LA in free agency next summer were in full swing before, during and after the game, and the actions of LeBron only fueled the fire.

After a 121-112 win for the Cavs, James made sure to catch up with Lonzo before leaving the court, suspiciously pulling his jersey over his mouth and telling Lonzo something before dapping him up and leaving.

LeBron has been known to do this before, most notably with Dwyane Wade back on Christmas Day in 2015, and Twitter had a field day with the footage, tearing both James and Ball to shreds.

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Despite the memes though, everyone was dying to know what the four-time MVP said to the rookie, many suggesting James was discussing his future with Lonzo. As hopeful as everyone was, this was not the case, and audio has been released from the conversation that confirms what LeBron said to Lonzo, via IT-3 on Reddit.

"Find your zone and just stay f—king locked in. The media is going to ask you what I told you right now (but so what). Just be aggressive every single day. (Inaudible)'s white noise. That's all it is. Alright?"

Obviously, with that many cameras and microphones hanging around courtside, LeBron was never going to disclose his future plans to Ball right then and there. Instead, he offered words of advice, as LeBron has stated before he sees a bit of himself in Lonzo, the way the media has been reporting on his every move and how many Laker fans are placing their hopes on Ball's shoulders.

Still, it's disappointing their convo didn't include something a little more juicy.