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Andre Drummond Did Not Get Selected Into The All-Star Game, And He's Pissed About It


Fact #1: Even though the Detroit Pistons are far off from their magical early-season run, Andre Drummond rightly deserves a spot in the All-Star game for being a consistent star on the floor.

Fact #2: He did not get that spot.

And while the players that got it over him were deserving of their place, Drummond has every right to be mad, which he clearly is, based off the Tweets he sent out a short while ago.

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Drummond is, of course, not the only guy to complain about not being picked. It happens multiple times for multiple people every single year. For Drummond though, he's got a pretty decent case. His Pistons team started off red-hot, outperforming expectations, and currently sits 22-23, while his personal performance has not been shabby either, with averages of 14 points,15 rebounds and a career-high four assists.

Still, in a small market like Detroit, in addition with his scoring numbers being relatively low, it's kind of easy to see why he missed out on the cut. And while it's not cool to see Drummond left off the roster, it'll be interesting to witness how he responds going forward. Hopefully he goes off for the rest of the season, and makes us regret not picking him to go to L.A.