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Alvin Gentry Hilariously Responds To Anthony Davis-Celtics Trade Rumors


It's common knowledge at this point within NBA circles that the Boston Celtics are in perhaps the best position to succeed in the future other than the Golden State Warriors, as not only do they have an extremely stacked roster, and own assets that will last them well into the future, they also have a major piece of their roster out for the season and are still managing to lead the Eastern Conference with a 34-11 record.

Despite all the praise that has been heaped onto the Celtics, the one thing they don't possess is a LeBron James, which is why many fans are predicting the Cleveland Cavaliers will be attending the NBA Finals for a fourth consecutive year.

That's why Boston needs to make a deal very soon if they plan on competing with the Cavs in the playoffs this year when the two teams inevitably match up in the Eastern Conference Finals, and one name that has been thrown around recently is New Orleans Pelicans superstar Anthony Davis.

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AD would definitely push the Celtics over the edge, and it'd be hard to put any other Eastern Conference team over Boston if they do manage to snag the big man, but according to Pelicans' head coach Alvin Gentry, Boston is going to have to give up a hell of a lot to net Davis.

Not a bad deal if you ask me.

Obviously, the Pels aren't planning on letting Davis go anytime soon judging by Gentry's response to the rumors, and New Orleans would be silly to even consider trading their franchise superstar, even if things aren't exactly going to plan with the Boogie/Davis experiment.