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Almost Every Example Of Zaza Pachulia's Trying To Injure Other Players


Over the past week or so after the All-Star break, the Golden State Warriors' Zaza Pachulia has only furthered his reputation as one of the league's dirtiest players.

In the hotly anticipated matchup between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Golden State Warriors, late in the third quarter both Russell Westbrook and Nick Young got caught up fighting for a rebound. The pair's leg's tangled and both hit the deck. Pachulia was also fighting for the board -- somewhat -- and upon seeing Westbrook go down with Young, seemingly tripped over his own two feet and feel right on top of Westbrook.

Zaza's peculiar actions immediately drew the ire of Oklahoma City fans, as well as the rest of the league's fans, excluding Warrior fans of course. The replay in question was played millions of times in an effort to find exactly why Pachulia fell on top of Westbrook, with most coming to the conclusion that Zaza was legitimately either trying to stop Westbrook getting up, or actually trying to hurt him.

It wouldn't be the first time the Georgian center has gotten a bit rough during games, as we have several examples of Zaza using underhanded tactics to seemingly hurt the opposition.

Pachulia And Westbrook's Prior Altercation

Zaza Almost Breaks PG's Legs Again

'That' Play Against Kawhi

Zaza Pretty Much Punches Luke Babbit

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These events aren't limited to Zaza's tenure in Golden State either, as Pachulia has been like this during his time in Atlanta, Dallas and Milwaukee as well.

Zaza Gets Into It With West

Trying To Hurt Kawhi Again...

What Does Zaza Have Against San Antonio Players?

Like, Seriously?!

Zaza Tries To Trip Up Udonis Haslem

Pachulia And Mirotic Get Into It

Zaza And Jason Richardson Throw Hands

So, the writing's on the wall for Pachulia. We've outlined 12(!) examples of Zaza trying to hurt opposing players, which is honestly 12 more than should be considered normal. Perhaps Zaza just has a mean streak that comes out every so often, or perhaps he really does come into games looking to cause damage, who knows. Whatever the case may be, if this sort of behavior continues, the NBA has to do something about it.