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Adam Silver Says Seattle Could Be Getting An NBA Team Back In The Future

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Let's be honest here.

The NBA's departure from the city of Seattle was less than mutual, to say the least, and Sonic fans still have a sour taste in their mouth regarding the NBA and their decision to take away their beloved franchise from them.

But in a recent interview with Portland Trail Blazers' guard C.J. McCollum for " target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">The Players' Tribune, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has said it's likely a matter of when, not if, the NBA considers a return to Seattle.

"I think it's just a question of when the right time is to seriously start thinking about expansion. Think about the state we're in the league right now, where [it is] amazing to me that, coming off of these Finals, you have some fans saying, 'There's only one good team in the league.'

"And I'm thinking, well, if people really believe that even though we have 450 of the best players in the world, and 450 players can only form one really good team, [it] probably doesn't make sense to expand in terms of dilution of talent.

"Now I don't really believe that, and I think these things correct themselves. And I don't want to put a precise timeline on it, but it's inevitable at some point we'll start looking at growth of franchises. That's always been the case in this league, and Seattle will no doubt be on a short list of cities we'll look at."

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But despite these recent comments, and maybe to the disappointment of Seattle fans, Silver has been pretty consistent on his overall stance on NBA expansion in the next few years.

"Expansion is not something we're looking at right now. It's less a function of labor peace. It more goes to the strength of a 30-team league." Silver said, per Uproxx's Robby Kalland during his NBA Finals press availability back in June.

In terms of how close Seattle is to actually host the NBA once again in over 10 years, a group led by Seattle-based hedge fund manager Chris Hansen previously agreed to purchase the Sacramento Kings in 2013, planning to move the team to the northwest corner of the US and rebrand as the Sonics, but the league's Board of Governors voted against the sale.

Seattle has not had a NBA team since the SuperSonics moved to Oklahoma City and became the Thunder in 2008, taking Kevin Durant with them.

You can view the whole Adam Silver interview with C.J. McCollum down below, coutesy of The Players' Tribune.