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Adam Silver Says Next Year’s All-Star Weekend Will Make A Much Requested Change


The 2018 NBA All-Star weekend had it's blunders, that much is undisputable.

But perhaps the biggest reedeeming quality of the entire event was Sunday night’s game, which saw team LeBron and team Steph face off in an epic match until the end.

The only thing that would’ve made it better? Televising the draft.

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Whike we missed out on that scene this go-round, Adam Silver recently admitted that the draft will likely be televised next year.

Meaning yes, we can see the order in which the players get picked (and which of the captains pick them) as it’s happening.

No other news has been shared on any other possible changes to the All-Star weekend event formats, but if things continue st this trend, NBA All-Star weekend could be in for a serious revival.