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Adam Silver Reveals The Player Who Stopped The All-Star Draft From Going Public


When the new 2018 NBA All-Star format was made public, it came with the expectation that we'd all get to watch the draft. After all, how cool would it be to witness the selections live?

Even despite all the anticipation for the event, however, the plans never came to fruition.

The league claimed that broadcasting the draft may create an awkward/embarrassing situation for some of the stars. While the reason seems good enough, most of the stars themselves (like LeBron James), were all for the draft being televised. And in reports surrounding the event, the league apparently planned for the draft to be on tv.

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If not for one player speaking out about it, that's probably how it would've been. The player in question?

None other than Steph Curry, the back-to-back MVP, two time NBA Champion, and the greatest shooter to ever play. Even though Curry has no history for speaking out on things like this, it seems he was really triggered by the thought of having the ordeal televised.

Via Adam Silver on The Jump "He was the one who said, ‘Give us a break. We changed the format for the first time. Let’s see how it goes, and we can talk about televising it."

On a positive note, if things work out this weekend, things look pretty good for a televised draft next year. But if you're still feeling a little sour about missing out on the juicy draft action, you at least know who to blame...