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A Surprising Warrior Defends Carmelo


You may be getting sick of hearing about ESPN's "Top 100 Players of The Year" list, but there's a lot of reason for all the noise. ESPN has been known for making some questionable calls in the p

ESPN has been known for making some questionable calls in the past. The lucrative sports network is filled with a lot of NBA experts. But even though they call themselves experts, it doesn't mean they can't be wrong about some things.

And on this years list of Top 100 players, they absolutely blew a major name.

Carmelo Anthony was listed as 64th on the list, a spot which many fans have called ridiculous.

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Fans, however, aren't the only ones coming to Anthony's defense. Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors had some surprisingly strong words to say about a player that has almost no connection to him. Here's what he said during his interview with ESPN's Chris Haynes when asked about Carmelo's rank:

"I think when you look at Melo, Melo has been a great player in this league for some time now. Obviously, I think no one thinks that he's the Melo he was five years ago, and that happens to everyone. That's just the nature of the career that we've all chosen. At some point, you start to slow down and you're not who you once were. So, I'm not going to sit here and lie and act like he is the Melo he was five years ago, but the 64th-best player in the NBA? All right, five years ago he was maybe sixth. He ain't f---ing 64."

Draymond makes a great point about Melo. A few years back, he was arguably Top 5 in the entire league. How is he 64th now?

Obviously, these words won;t actually change anything. But it's nice to hear another NBA superstar give some praise to the often overlooked Carmelo.

And if a fierce competitor like Draymond Green can freely express how ridiculous that ranking was, it should really indicate just how special the New York star is.