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A Speedy Conversion: How Staples Center Amazingly Hosts Lakers And Clippers Games In The Same Day


The Lakers and Clippers have a relationship unlike any other seen in sports. Not only do both teams share the same city, but they share the same home arena.

As a result, the contents and look of the arena have to constantly be switched out completely to host the other team. Usually, there are a few days in between, where the conversion can take place.

Sometimes, however, Clippers games and Lakers games happen on the same day just hours apart from each other.

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You ever wonder how that works? How do they change the look of an entire Arena within a few hours?

The answer involves a lot of people, a ton of hard work, and some veteran leadership to make everything go smoothly. This amazing video found on shows us what that looks like, and how the process works.

And honestly, you won't believe how quickly these guys get it done.