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A Mid-Game Rant By Blake Griffin May Have Confirmed DeAndre Jordan Is On The Way Out


Ever since the departure of Chris Paul, the Los Angeles Clippers have been in a state of disarray this season.

The start of the season was looking strong for Steve Balmer's franchise, starting out 4-2 in October and were sat among the top teams in the Western Conference.

Then the injury bug hit LA, as the likes of Blake Griffin, Milos Teodosic, Danilo Gallinari and even Austin Rivers all missing considerable time with various injuries, derailing the Clippers' season as they now currently sit at ninth in the West with a 23-23 record.

Thankfully, DeAndre Jordan's consistency as a glass cleaner and Lou Williams' emergence as a definite first-scoring option on the team has barely kept Los Angeles' playoff hopes alive, but it looks as though the team may be on the verge of blowing it all up to start a rebuild, and with that, some of the Clippers' best players are for sale, including the highly sought-after Jordan, who has been involved in various trade talks throughout the season.

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In Monday night's matchup between the Clips and Minnesota Timberwolves, DeAndre Jordan was puzzlingly nowhere to be found, not even on the bench, as it's uncharacteristic of Jordan to miss games at all, being considered one of the NBA's 'ironmen' -- even if he is nursing an apparent ankle injury which has sidelined him for the past five games.

But a slight anger outburst from Griffin may have explained why Jordan was missing the game that night against Minnesota.

Wondering why Blake's rant may have indicated where Jordan was? DeAndre has been with the Clippers organization for nine years.

Does Blake know something that we don't? Is a move already in the works for Jordan to be shipped out of LA, something Griffin may not be too happy about?

It's not known for certain if that may be the case, but the Clippers answer to questions of the center's whereabouts only make things more suspicious, as it was revealed that Jordan was still sitting out with that ankle injury, but that doesn't explain why he wasn't on the bench with his fellow injured teammates Patrick Beverley and Danilo Gallinari?

Whatever the case may be, Jordan's time with the Clippers looks to be ending very soon.